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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Emangnya cuma Ronaldinho yang bisa ....

Emang yang muda doang yang dikejar cewek.

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Akankah Zico Dipecat?

Dalam hitungan kurang dari 15 menit, kemenangan didepan mata tiba-tiba lenyap. Itulah nasib salah satu wakil Asia, Samurai Blue. Dan segera, hujan kritik tertuju ke Pele Putih. Sampai Perdana Menteri pun ikut ngomong.

Sankei Sports
“We should have been having a good drink to celebrate victory, but after a dramatic turnaround, we ended up having to drown our sorrows”.

Yomiuri Shimbun
“The leadership qualities of the two coaches was the difference between the two teams”. It then went on to heap praise on the Socceroos’ Dutch tactician Guus Hiddink: “Hiddink wielded his magic again; all Australia’s goals came from the substitutes that he brought on”.

Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

"We’ll just have to give it our all in the next game"

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Kanan Kiri OK

Woi.. yang akur dong ... kan cuma 4 tahun sekali ...

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Enaknya Jadi Ronaldinho

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Man of The Match

Di setiap pertandingan di Piala Dunia 2006 ini, akan dipilih Man of The Match. Dan di akhir Piala Dunia ini akan dipilih pemain terbaik, dimana merupakan gabungan penilaian dari TSG [Technical Study Group] dan jurnalis.

Pemilihan Man of The Match dilakukan oleh TSG [Technical Study Group], kelompok ini dibentuk oleh FIFA yang diketuai Holger Osieck, asisten pelatih Jerman pada saat memenangkan Piala Dunia 1990 di Italia.

Member dari TSG ini antara lain

Gyorgy MEZEY (HUN)
Francisco MATURANA (COL)
Rodrigo KENTON (CRC)
Kim Chon LIM (MAS)
KWOK Ka-Ming (HKG)
Kalusha BWALYA (ZAM)

Dan Man of The Match sampai dengan hari ini adalah :

KLOSE Miroslav (GER)- Forward
DELGADO Agustin (ECU)- Forward
LAMPARD Frank (ENG)- Midfielder
YORKE Dwight (TRI)- Forward
SAVIOLA Javier (ARG)- Forward
ROBBEN Arjen (NED)-Forward
BRAVO Omar(MEX)- Forward
LUIS FIGO (POR)- Forward

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Most Productive Players

Dari semua pemain yang ikut di Piala Dunia kali ini, siapa yang menjadi pemain paling produktif mencetak goal internasional? Ronaldo kah? Klose?


Dia adalah Ali Dei, pemain veteran dari Iran, yang telah mencetak gol sebanyak 109 selama karirnya di Tim Nasional.

Berikut daftarnya....

DAEI Ali(IRN) 109
JOHN Stern(TRI) 65

Lho, Bambang Pamungkas kok nggak ada ya? :(

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Learn German [2] - On the Way

English: Where is the stadium?
German: Wo finde ich das Stadion?

English: left / right
German: links / rechts

English: straight ahead
German: geradeaus

English: near (close) / far
German: nah / weit

English: How far is it?
German: Wie weit ist es?

English: Is it in walking distance?
German: Kann ich zu Fuß gehen?

English: How do I get to the stadium
German: Wie komme ich zum Stadion?

English: Which bus/tram/train do I have to take?
German: Welchen Bus/Tram/Zug muss ich nehmen

English: Where is the bus station (train station)?
German: Wo ist der (Bus) Bahnhof?

English: Where is the subway / tram?
German: Wo ist die U-Bahn / Tram?

English: Where is the airport?
German: Wo ist der Flughafen?

English: Where can I park?
German: Wo kann ich parken?

English: Is this the right turnstile for me?
German: Ist dies das richtige Drehkreuz für mich?

English: I am looking for seat number... in row... number....
German: Ich suche nach meiner Sitznummer der Reihe

English: I am lost. I can't find my friends
German: Ich bin verloren. Ich kann meine Freunde

English: Where can I buy...?
German: Wo kann ich ... kaufen?

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Wanchope Profile

Costa Rica should thanks to him. He made 2 goals opening match when his team beaten by German. Who is Paulo Wanchope?

He was born on 31 July 1976, and currently playing at Herediano [Local FC at Costa Rica]. But he ever played in English Premier League at Derby County [1996-99], West Ham United [1999-2000], Manchester City [2000-2004]. During 1996-2004 he played in 171 matchs and made 62 goals.

In history of Costa Rica football, Paulo Wanchope will be a legend. Currently, he is the biggest star. Until 9 June 2006 he made 45 international goals in 70 caps.

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The Most Represented Clubs

Who's the most represented FC in World Cup 2006?

Number of Players
  1. Arsenal = 15
  2. Chelsea = 15
  3. AC Milan = 13
  4. Barcelona = 12
  5. Juventus = 12
  6. Manchester Utd. = 12
  7. Bayern Munich = 11
  8. Dynamo Kyiv = 10
  9. Liverpool = 10
  10. Real Madrid = 10

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English - Germany - Indonesia

Want to learn Germany?

English: No
German: Nein
Indonesia: Tidak, Bukan, Enggak
Java: Ora

English: Yes
German: Ja
Indonesia: Ya

English: Thank you very much
German: Vielen Dank
Indonesia: Terima Kasih
Java: Matur Suwun

English: Excuse me
German: Entschuldigung
Indonesia: Maaf ...
Java: pangapunten

English: Can you please help me?
German: Können Sie mir helfen?
Indonesia: Bisa minta tolong?
Java: Kowe iso nulung aku ra?

English: Good morning
German: Guten Morgen
Indonesia: Selamat Pagi

English: Good afternoon
German: Guten Tag

English: Good evening
German: Guten Abend

English: Bye / See you
German: Tschüss

English: Goodbye
German: Auf Wiedersehen

English: My name is ..
German: Mein Name ist ...

English: What is your name?
German: Wie heißt Du/heißen Sie?

English: Do you speak...
German: Sprechen Sie ...

English: I only speak a little German
German: Ich spreche nur sehr wenig Deutsch

English: I don't speak German
German: Ich spreche kein Deutsch

English: I don't understand
German: Ich verstehe nicht

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Opening Match Stadium

The arena chosen to host the German national team in the Opening Match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup on 9 June 2006 boasts a truly unique exterior, guaranteeing the stadium a place among the most unusual and spectacular venues in the world. The smooth facade formed from translucent, lozenge-shaped cushions glows in a variety of colours to imbue the structure with a shimmering, magical poetry.

The 66,000 capacity stadium was inaugurated on 30 and 31 May 2005 by joint owners TSV 1860 Munich and FC Bayern Munich, Germany's most successful club. The first Bundesliga goal at the new ground was scored by England international Owen Hargreaves in Bayern's 3-0 victory over Borussia Monchengladbach.

In a municipal referendum held in October 2002, 65.8 percent voted in favour of constructing a purpose-built football stadium. Some 37.5 percent of the citizens registered to vote actually did so, the highest-ever turnout in a Bavarian referendum. The radical concept proposed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron was adopted in February 2002.

OC President Franz Beckenbauer led the ceremony to lay the foundation stone in October 2002. The seven-storey structure was completed in April 2005. Some 120,000 cubic metres of concrete and 20,000 tonnes of steel were needed.

The ground is situated to the north of the Bavarian capital in the district of Fröttmaning, with ideal traffic connections via the A9 motorway. The extraordinary facade consists of 2,874 EFTE (ethylene tetrafloroethylene) foil panels. The self-cleaning, fire, heat and cold-resistant panels are inflated to a permanent pressure of 350 Pascal. Each panel can be separately illuminated in white, blue or red, creating a breathtaking backdrop at night games. Regulations do not allow the lighting effect to be changed more than every two minutes in order to minimise distraction to motorway traffic. The three-tier arrangement in the stands is unique in the Bundesliga. The highest tier still provides superb views thanks to a steep 34 degree rake. Europe's largest underground car park on the site provides almost 10,000 parking spaces.

In March 2004, FIFA named Munich as the venue for the Official Opening Ceremony of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The ceremony takes place ahead of the Opening Match on 9 June 2006. The 2006 FIFA Congress will also be convened in Munich. The Bavarian metropolis is the location for the International Media Centre. The new stadium stages the Opening Match, a semi-final and four more matches at the tournament.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mastercard Only

Do you have credit card? Is it Mastercard? If no, you can't buy World Cup 2006 with Credit Card. Because only MasterCard card products will be accepted as a means for payment by card.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Baggio's Penalty

In every World Cup, always there are moment to remember. World Cup in USA, noted that Brazil was the first country in world which can win FIFA World Cup for the fourth time. Another moment is Roberto Bagio's penalty.

Baggio's best World Cup was in 1994 in the United States. After a slow start he woke up in the second round, scoring twice against Nigeria, then once against Spain in the quarterfinal, and two more in the semifinal against Bulgaria. In the final against Brazil he missed a penalty in the shoot-out which saw Brazil win the World Cup for the fourth time.

Since then, Baggio has been in and out of the Italian squad. He was dropped from the EURO 96 squad by Arrigo Sacchi, but made Cesare Maldini's France 98 squad and played in several games although not with the same class as four years earlier. He has since played for AC Milan winning the Serie A once, and also in Bologna, Inter Milan and Brescia where he seems to end his career.

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It's Coming

World Cup is coming. Talking about World Cup, I will remember in year 1998 when I was unemployed. I was jobless at that time, so I can enjoy all football matches during World Cup 98.

I think, only that WC, I follow all the matches. In the last world cup in Asia, only several matches I saw. It’s hard to leave my job in office. And I think, it will happen again in this world cup. And also, my TV remote had broken by my infant.

My favorite team is Brazil. I’m sure with Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos etc, they will beat all the team including France and German, both that I always hate.

Go Brazil Go !

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